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Waterproof Storage Of Chemical Fertilizer Is The Key

Tianjin BRG Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 22, 2016

Moisture absorption is the bane of caking of chemical fertilizers, fertilizers commodity character deteriorated after the caking, farmers are willing to buy. Meanwhile, fertilizer water easily dissolved, resulting in the loss of nutrients. Therefore, in the current rainy season, fertilizer storage, waterproof is the key.

Under normal circumstances, fertilizer stocks have three ways: warehouse storage, sheds storage and outdoor stack.

During the rainy season, should be mainly warehouse storage. Ventilation, cooling and rain moisture-proof. Fertilizers in warehouses to store large stockpiles and storage of bagged two.

For moisture absorption more nitrogen such as ammonium nitrate, whether it is a bunch of scattered or stored in bags, in order to avoid lumps, to relieve storage pressure, control the bulk and height of Bao Dui, such as 25~40 kg big bags to store 20 to bag a bunch of moderate height.