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Urea Is A White Crystal

Tianjin BRG Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 18, 2017

Urea is a widely used fertilizer in agriculture, and it is a non protein nitrogenous substance. It has been widely used to feed the deer by adding the diet of urea or ammonium salts to replace the protein.

Urea, also called carbon amide (carbamide), is a white crystal. One of the simplest organic compounds. Two amide of carbonic acid, molecular formula is H2NCONH2 (CO (NH2) 2). The main nitrogen-containing end product of protein catabolism in mammals and some fishes. Urea is also the highest nitrogen content of nitrogen. As a neutral fertilizer, urea is suitable for various soils and plants. It is easy to save, easy to use, Urea small damage to the soil, is the current use of a large amount of chemical nitrogen. Ammonia and carbon dioxide are used in industry to synthesize urea under certain conditions.


medical field: The Skin department is to improve the moisture of the skin by using certain medicaments containing urea.

Agricultural field: Urea is a kind of high concentration nitrogenous fertilizer, Urea it is a neutral quick-acting fertilizer, also can be used to produce many kinds of compound fertilizers.

Industrial applications: For steel, stainless steel chemical polishing has a role in the use of metal pickling as a corrosion inhibitor, Urea but also for the preparation of palladium-activated liquid.

Commercial areas: special plastic materials, especially urea formaldehyde resin; the ingredients of certain colloidal materials, fertilizers and feeds; instead of antifreeze salt sprinkled in the street, the advantage is not to corrode the metal, to strengthen the smell of cigarettes, Urea to give industrial production of salt and pepper burrito Brown, some shampoo, detergent ingredients, first aid refrigeration kits ingredients, Because the reaction of urea and water will be endothermic, the vehicle urea treatment diesel engine, Urea the exhaust gases of the engine and the thermal power plant, in particular, can reduce the nitrogen oxides, the ingredients of the rain-making agent "salt", used to separate paraffin wax, because urea can form a package, refractories, environmental engine fuel ingredients, whitening the composition of the tooth products, for chemical fertilizers, Important auxiliaries in dyeing and printing

Urea is colorless prismatic crystal or white crystalline powder, almost odorless, salty and cool, after a long time, the weak ammonia odor gradually occurs; This product is soluble in water, Urea ethanol or boiling ethanol and is insoluble in ether or chloroform.

Precautions for urea fertilization

Urea has high nitrogen content, long fertility and convenient application, which is welcomed by farmers. To give full play to the role of urea, the use of the following matters should be noted:

Can not be on the surface applicator: Urea applicator on the surface, at room temperature to undergo 4-5 days of conversion to be absorbed by the crop, most of the nitrogen in the process of ammonia is volatile, the utilization rate is only about 30%. Therefore, fertilization cannot be applicator on the surface.

Do not make a fertilizer: when using urea as fertilizer, often in the conversion process to produce a small amount of urea. More than 2% of the urea content, Urea the seedlings and seeds will be toxic.

cannot be mixed with alkaline fertilizers: Urea must be converted into ammonia nitrogen in order to be used by crops, in alkaline conditions, ammonia nitrogen in most of the nitrogen will become ammonia volatilization, so, urea can not be mixed with vegetation ash, fcmp, Urea ammonium bicarbonate and other alkaline fertilizers or at the same time application.