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Urea Application Method

Tianjin BRG Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 21, 2017

Urea, also known as carbonamide, is a white crystal, is one of the most simple organic compounds, is currently the highest nitrogen content of nitrogen fertilizer.

As a neutral fertilizer, urea is suitable for a variety of soil and plants. It is easy to save, easy to use, the destruction of the role of the soil is a large amount of chemical nitrogen fertilizer. Industrial use of ammonia and carbon dioxide under certain conditions, synthetic urea.

Urea nitrogen content is high, after the effect is obvious, no side effects, it can be used as basal fertilizer, top dressing, but also for the root outside the top dressing, by the majority of farmers favorite. However, if the application method is not correct, the application period is not appropriate, Urea it will lead to a significant decline in utilization, serious utilization rate of only 10% to 20%. Growers have spent money, but also a waste of time, but did not receive the desired effect, and may even lead to trigger "fat", endangering crops, therefore, correct, scientific topdressing urea is necessary.

Urea prices high circulation session cautious

At present, the domestic agricultural fertilizer market will usher in short-term off-season, urea up to maintain stability, high consolidation. Into July, urea exports have ushered in a window period, the domestic urea market will go from here? Reporters on this interview with the agricultural industry circulation industry. The industry generally optimistic about the short-term market, for the end of July after the market, Urea we believe that "the price decline is an inevitable trend."

Local lack of fertilizer to the price soared

For the middle and lower reaches of June urea market short-term uprooted, Liaoning Jinhe limited liability company deputy general manager Wang Wenru that the main reason is the lack of local stock in the region caused by the local production enterprises downtime led to short-term capacity decline is one of the reasons. "Northeast this year, the summer fertilizer market, urea prices fluctuated significantly, Urea but the high volume is not large, and high prices are also appear in the local area .This summer, the overall situation of the Northeast market is not serious, but due to the adjacent Inner Mongolia Chifeng, Tongliao, etc. The region short out of stock, many dealers into the northeast market catch the spot, resulting in local supply tight, the price higher.

"Although some time ago the northeastern market urea prices all the way higher, but sent to the Northeast market is not much cargo, Urea and to Qiyun mainly in recent years, urea market changes are irregular, so short-term focus on the release of the market is not the majority of dealers Optimistic about. "Dezhou Xinfeng Fertilizer Co., Ltd. General Manager Liu Liqing said that the main reason is the volatile urea market so that we can not increase the inventory, will appear" fat to use when the side hate less "situation. This argument has also been confirmed by Wang Wenrui, "Although the price of urea is high, but the arrival of foreign fertilizer is not large.On the one hand, the market price is short, the province of resources beyond the reach; the other hand, Can restore the total amount of urea in the Northeast basically to the balance between supply and demand, even if there are a small gap, but also by high nitrogen fertilizer to make up.