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The Effect Of Ferrous Sulfate On Plants

Tianjin BRG Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

Ferrous sulfate, also known as alum, should be sealed and kept, beware of moisture, if the damp, it will gradually oxidize and become difficult to be absorbed by the plant trivalent iron, its effectiveness will be greatly reduced.

Should be present is now with some common flower for the province, often a lot of alum water for a long time repeated use, which is very unscientific. Ferrous Sulfate As the alum long time in the water will gradually oxidize into the iron is not easy to be absorbed.

Application should not be too large, the number should not be too frequent. According to years of experience, pots mixed with ferrous sulfate to each pot of 5 grams to 7 grams is appropriate, irrigation or spraying to 0.2% to 0.5% is appropriate. If the amount is too large, topdressing overtime, will cause plant poisoning, Ferrous Sulfate so that the roots become dark and decay, but also because of its antagonistic effect and other nutrients to absorb the absorption.

Should be made of suitable water, ferrous sulfate in the calcareous alkaline water is very simple to become iron oxide deposition of iron, become difficult to use the plant situation. The best choice of rain, snow or cold water. If it is necessary to use alkaline water production, should be added in every 10 liters of water 1 gram to 2 grams of potassium dihydrogen phosphate, making it a slightly acidic "improved water." Ferrous Sulfate In the alkaline water plus 3% of the vinegar, but also have a good effect.

In the alkaline soil mixed with ferrous sulfate, the application should be applied to the appropriate potash (but not suitable for ash), Ferrous Sulfate because potassium is conducive to the movement of iron in the plant, can improve the effectiveness of ferrous sulfate.

The application of ferrous sulfate in water culture should avoid sun. The sun shines on the iron-containing nutrient solution, which causes the iron to deposit in the solution and drop its effectiveness. It is appropriate to use black cloth (or black paper) to cover the container or moved into the room dark place.

Ferrous sulfate with the decomposition of organic fertilizer mixed with the effect is very good, due to organic matter differentiation products, iron complexation effect, can improve the solubility of iron.

Ammonia nitrogen (such as ammonium sulfate, ammonium carbonate, ammonium phosphate and urea, etc.) in the soil and water can make organic matter and iron complex is destroyed, and the two Iron is not easy to be absorbed into the price of iron. Calcium, magnesium, manganese, Ferrous Sulfate copper and other elements of the iron has antagonistic effect, can reduce the effectiveness of iron, it should be strictly bound the amount of these elements in the application of ferrous sulfate when the best combination of these elements with the application of fertilizer. Ferrous sulfate is conditioning the pH, not fertilizer, so those who think that "rather not thick" argument is wrong. There is also a common fault that is in accordance with the amount of clarity. As the pH of each pot of soil is not the same, each dill on the needs of the pH is not the same, so the amount can not be consistent. The most correct way is to use test paper and other acid-base detection, control flower acid-base degree of love, through the messy, the correct amount. Home approach is by experience. Generally speaking, leaves yellow hair loss, in the removal of other elements of the situation, the thought is alkaline, and then look at the basin soil, acid is alkaline soil is not the same. Visual measurement of pH, Ferrous Sulfate according to the usual amount of ferrous sulfate, just leaves green, or feel the basins no alkaline, and can not be added for a few weeks.

Experience of the market: the sale of ferrous sulphate on the market is poor, and contains a lot of water, opened after the use of attention will be sealed, dehydrated and simple contact with the air oxidation, the situation as the landlord said. In addition, ferrous sulfate should not be used alone (mainly we have the purity of doubt), with a small amount of vinegar a reuse, to avoid the landlord said the formation of iron oxide (we use the water containing calcium and magnesium salt higher). Usually with orange peel water treatment acidity can be a month or two with a ferrous sulfate water, do not need too thick (usually tap water pH in most of 7 or so, that is, every year for the new pottery, so in addition to avoid alkalization But also to avoid salinization.