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Potassium Sulfate Improves Crop Yield

Tianjin BRG Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 31, 2017

Potassium sulfate: 54% of the theoretical, generally 50%; is a chemical neutral, physiological acid fertilizer, has a good water-soluble, but long-term use, will increase the soil acidification, suitable for grape coloring to fruit ripening, Promote the fruit powder coloring, increase fruit sweetness.

Application of potassium sulfate in different soil reactions and should pay attention to matters:

(1) in the acidic soil, the excess sulfate will increase the acidity of the soil, and even increase the soil active aluminum, iron poisoning crops. In the flooding conditions, Potassium Sulphate too much sulfate will be reduced to generate hydrogen sulfide, so that the root damage black. Therefore, the long-term use of potassium sulfate and farm manure, alkaline phosphate and lime with the reduction of acidity, in practice should also be combined with drainage measures to improve ventilation.

(2) in the calcareous soil, sulfate and soil calcium ions in the soil is not easy to dissolve calcium sulfate.

(3) focus on the use of avoid chlorine crops, such as tobacco, tea, grapes, sugar cane, beet, watermelon, potato and other potash increase not only yield, but also improve the quality. Potassium Sulphate Potassium sulfate price is more expensive than potassium chloride, less supply, should focus on the use of chlorine sensitive and hi hi potassium on the economic crops, the benefits will be better.

(4) potassium sulfate should not be mixed with calcium-rich fertilizer application.

It is said that a lot of fruit area of manganese poisoning is caused by soil acidification, and the direct cause of soil acidification is the use of potassium sulfate year round. So, fertilizer, Potassium Sulphate nothing to change with the use, do not have been used, you have been eating something that will cause malnutrition, let alone the land.

Potassium sulfate effect:

Multi-nutrient, significant increase in production. And contains trace elements such as sulfur, iron, zinc, molybdenum, magnesium and other crops. At the same time, the product has the characteristics of uniform color, stable quality, good solubility and easy to be absorbed by crops. After application, Potassium Sulphate it can change the common Nutrient imbalance of the situation, compared with other production of compound fertilizer, with a fast absorption, loss of small, long-lasting fertilizer, yield significantly and so on.

Wide range of adaptation. The product has high active ingredient content and less than 3% chloride. The product is not only suitable for various crops such as wheat, rice, corn and peanut, Potassium Sulphate but also for fruit crops such as fruit trees, vegetables, tobacco, garlic and ginger. Do base fertilizer can be used for top dressing.

Improve soil, enhance soil fertility. The product is non-toxic side effects on the crop and soil and does not produce any adverse effects, after application, can quickly add the soil potassium, zinc, Potassium Sulphate boron and other elements, adjust the soil structure, enhance national strength, and drought resistance, lodging Long-term use can improve the soil, improve production.