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Potassium Nitrate Provides Efficient Nutrition For Plants

Tianjin BRG Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 12, 2017

Potassium nitrate is a unique source of potassium, both in terms of crop growth and yield, or from its nutrient composition. And potassium nitrate has the desired chemical and physical properties, and good environmental quality.

For all types of crops, potassium nitrate is the preferred source of potassium. Potassium nitrate can increase the quality of vegetables, field crops, flowers, Potassium Nitrate fruits and nuts and improve their quality.

Potassium nitrate is an ideal source of nitrogen and potassium for plants. Many products and formulations contain potassium nitrate to suit the specific needs and growth environment of the crop.

Potassium nitrate provides efficient nutrition for plants

Potassium nitrate consists of 100% of the plant's large amount of elements. Potassium Nitrate It consists of cationic potassium (K +) and anionic nitrate (NO3-), and the N-P2O5-K2O ratio is 13-0-46 (13% N is equivalent to 62% NO3-, 46% K2O equals 38 % Of K +, add up to 100% KNO3). Potassium nitrate is the only fertilizer that provides two large amounts of elements, Potassium Nitrate both of which are the highest in any plant.

Potassium nitrate has high absorption efficiency. The synergistic effect of K + and NO3- helps the roots of plants to absorb two ions. In addition, the affinity between negatively charged nitrates and positively charged potassium ions prevents the adsorption of potassium ions from soil particles, Potassium Nitrate allowing the potassium ions to be absorbed by the plant.

Potassium nitrate can exist in the form of crystalline powder and granules and is therefore suitable for a variety of fertilization methods. Efficient fertilization methods such as irrigation and fertilization, foliar spraying, Potassium Nitrate top dressing and slowing fertilization measures to ensure that the nutritional elements timely, appropriate, appropriate application.

Potassium nitrate crystalline powder is ideal for irrigation fertilization and foliar spraying.

Potassium nitrate granules are suitable for soil fertilization (topdressing).

Polymer-coated potassium nitrate particles as controlled-release fertilizers provide long-term nutrient supply for the entire growing season.

Potassium nitrate is an excellent source of potassium. Potassium is the main cation in the plant and can neutralize a lot of negatively charged mineral anions and organic acids. Therefore, potassium in potassium nitrate is very important for the growth and development of plants and the normal functioning of tissues. Potassium (K +) plays a vital role in many of the cell metabolism, acting as a process in which osmotic regulators are involved in regulating plant water use.

Potassium nitrate provides crop available nitrogen. Potassium Nitrate Nitrate nitrogen is the most easily absorbed form of plants.

Potassium nitrate is widely used in agricultural market, potassium nitrate is a binary compound fertilizer, and potassium nitrate is no chlorine potassium, nitrogen compound fertilizer, plant nutrient potassium, nitrogen content of up to 60%, with good physical and chemical properties.

Potassium nitrate, also known as potassium nitrate, nitrite, potassium nitrate is dissolved by sodium nitrate and potassium chloride, re-crystallization made. Potassium nitrate fertilizer is 100% plant nutrient, Potassium Nitrate can be dissolved in water, is a nitrogen-free potassium, nitrogen compound fertilizer, for the plant to provide potassium, nitrogen can reach 60% of the role, and no residual harmful substances.

Potassium nitrate can provide nutrients to the crop under any conditions and can be applied to the four seasons without causing salt accumulation in the soil. Since potassium nitrate is not volatile, Potassium Nitrate it can be applied directly to the soil surface without covering it.

At the same time, nitrate and potassium contained in potassium nitrate are the necessary elements for the growth of crops. There is a good coordinating effect between the two crops, which can promote the absorption of crops and promote the absorption of other nutrients. Therefore, High concentration of potassium fertilizer.

Because potassium nitrate without chlorine without sodium, salt index is low, water-soluble but not moisture, high nutrient content, fertilizer effect fast, so potassium nitrate often used as topdressing application.

Potassium Nitrate Application Note:

First, potassium nitrate into the soil easier to move, suitable for topdressing crops, Potassium Nitrate but not suitable for basal and fertilizer, should be applied in dry land, and should not be applied in paddy fields.

Second, potassium nitrate suitable for top dressing (foliar fertilizer), the most suitable concentration between 0.6% to 2%.

Third, with potassium nitrate soaking, it is best to use 0.2% concentration of potassium nitrate aqueous solution for seed soaking and seed dressing.

Fourth, potassium nitrate can not be used as potassium sulfate fertilizer, Potassium Nitrate because potassium nitrate containing nitrogen fertilizer will cause crop nitrogen fertilizer excess.

5, nitric acid on the base fertilizer can not be used with superphosphate, Potassium Nitrate fresh organic fertilizer mixed application, to avoid causing nitrogen loss.

6, potassium nitrate is also the manufacture of gunpowder raw materials, so in storage and transportation to pay special attention to anti-burning, anti-high temperature, anti-explosion, prohibited with flammable substances.