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Kunshan Fertilizer, Pesticide Reduction Project Implementation

Tianjin BRG Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 22, 2016

Ecological agriculture construction in Kunshan in an important strategic position, highlighting the territory of Wusong River watershed agricultural non-point source pollution control and ecological optimization of yangcheng Lake, adhere to prevention and control, remediation and repair "the Trinity", and promote the agricultural eco-environment in the city.

Implementation of the reduction of fertilizer works. Kunshan depth formula fertilization by soil testing, scientific fertilization levels; continuing crop of formula fertilization by soil testing at the same time, expanded application in fruits and vegetables and other cash crops, the basic realization of full coverage of formula fertilization by soil testing technology of main crops. Promote seed fertilizer sowing, fertilizer deep application, integration of water and fertilizer, a number of environment-friendly and efficient fertilization techniques, improving fertilizer use efficiency. Stable rate of crop straw, advance the straw deep plowing fields, adjusting the fertilization structures, planting green manure, application of organic fertilizers, are encouraged to use slow-release fertilizer and so on.