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Fertilizer Technique Of Cucumber To Calcium Deficiency

Tianjin BRG Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 22, 2016

1, base fertilizer in General using composted organic fertilizer, phosphate and potash fertilizers based on sandy soils should be applying calcium magnesium phosphate, superphosphate, containing calcium such as calcium nitrate fertilizer; old gardens and replanted to applying lime, calcium fertilizer per acre, per year capacity of 1.67~3.33 kg.

2, foliar application of 100 kg and 1~2 kg of superphosphate in water, stirred for half an hour, then soak for some time, the clear liquid above can be spray applied, you can also choose calcium calcium calcium amino acid, humic acid, biological fertilizer, sprayed in the vegetable calcium absorption peak.

3, the scientific application of ammonium nitrogen and potassium ions and potassium ions are also antagonism with calcium. Should be appropriate to control the use of nitrogen fertilizers, fertilization, and avoid the phenomenon of high nitrogen fertilizers.