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Fertilizer Market Looks Forward To Accelerate Productivity

Tianjin BRG Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 22, 2016

Summers spent in the fertilizer market in the doldrums, in the face of demand for fertilizer in the fall, the current market variables still exist. "Although fertilizer prices on the low side, but because of the low prices of agricultural products, which has also led to changes in farmers ' fertilizer used. Ginger in July to August there are two focus Earth fertilizer, but this year judging from market research, most of the area only for a fertilizer. In addition, due to the lower fertilizer prices, it also makes the amount of fertilizer in the autumn of doubt, it is also bad for the urea market, fertilizer if the demand decreases, it is increases the contradiction between supply and demand of urea market. ”

China's apparent consumption of urea market increased sharply on the year, but it does not represent the actual demand of domestic cases, apparent consumption was the main reason for the increase is caused by increased production of exports and reduction in the number of actually 2016 years China's demand for urea is reduced in the first half.