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Effect Of Urea On Plants

Tianjin BRG Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 21, 2017

Urea is suitable for all kinds of soil and plants. It is easy to save, easy to use, small damage to the soil, is the current use of a large amount of chemical nitrogen. Ammonia and carbon dioxide are used in industry to synthesize urea under certain conditions.

Urea is the first synthetic organic compound, Urea which is synthesized first by the German chemist, Wyler. Industrially, ammonia and carbon dioxide are produced at high temperatures and under high pressure.

Urea referred to as urea, is a white needle-like crystal, odorless, salty, melting point 130 degrees Celsius, when heating over the melting point, the two molecules urea can be ammonia to produce a molecule of urea, and release ammonia. Urea is a product of protein metabolism in mammalian body, Urea A normal adult is about 30 grams of urea per day. Because urea was first extracted from the urine, hence the name. Urea in vivo can be combined with oxalic acid in food to precipitate urea oxalate, is one of the components that form the urinary system calculus. Urea can also be hydrolyzed into carbon dioxide and ammonia under the action of bacteria in nature. Urea can be used in industry to synthesize plastics and drugs, and its own direct medical treatment, the use of urea injection for medicinal purposes can reduce intracranial pressure, Urea sulfonamide can be used for anti-inflammatory.

Urea, for the neutral quick-acting high nitrogen fertilizer, low shrinkage urea content, with a colorless, tasteless, odorless, soluble in water, Urea easy to apply and other characteristics, homogeneous particles, full rounded, less dust.

Urea, English name: Urea, American Chemical Abstracts (CAS) Registration No.: 57-13-6, Molecular formula: CON2H4 or [CO (NH2) 2], is a white crystalline, nitrogen content of about 46%, is one of the highest nitrogen content in solid nitrogen. According to the nitrogen content: 1 kg urea equivalent to 1.35 kilograms of ammonium nitrate, 2.2 kilograms of ammonium sulfate, 100°c kg fresh urine. Urea is a kind of neutral fertilizer, Urea which has no effect on soil and is suitable for all kinds of soil and plants, and it is a high quality

Urea has hygroscopicity, moisture absorption can be caking, so storage should also be moisture-proof, put in the dry place.

Urea is a high quality and efficient neutral nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture. Urea Long-term use does not harden and harden the soil.

Effect of urea on plants

First, adjust the amount of flowers in the year, 5-6 weeks after anthesis, foliar spraying 0.5% urea aqueous solution, even 2 times, can improve the leaf nitrogen content, accelerate the growth of new shoots inhibit flower bud differentiation, so that the flower amount suitable.

Second, sparse flower thinning fruit because the flower of the peach tree is more sensitive to urea, but the GA surface reaction is slow, therefore, Urea the fruit of peach and nectarine have been scattered and tested by using urea, and the results show that the flower and fruit of peach and nectarine are suitable for concentration of 8%-12%, which requires a larger concentration (7.4%) to show good effect and 1- Within 2 weeks, Urea the aim of thinning flowers and fruits can be achieved. However, under different land conditions, the reaction of different periods and varieties is still to be further tested.

III. Rice seed production in order to improve the rate of parents ' exchange, in the hybrid rice seed production technique, in order to increase the seed quantity of hybrid rice seed production or sterile line, the red toxin spraying was used to reduce the degree of female parent's neck or to make it completely withdrawn, Urea or to adjust the growth of both, so as to synchronize the flowering period. Because the price of Gibberellin is more expensive, with the high cost of gibberellin production, so people use urea instead of Gibberellin to experiment, in the peak of gestation, the initial spike period (20% heading) using 1.5%-2% urea, its multiplication effect and gibberellin similar, and will not increase plant height.

IV. Prevention and control of pests with urea, washing powder, water 4:1:400, stirring and mixing, can prevent vegetables, fruit trees, cotton caterpillar, aphids, red spiders and other pests, insecticidal effect of more than 90%.

Urea Iron fertilizer urea in the form of complex, and $literal formation of chelate iron. This kind of organic iron fertilizer is very good in preventing and losing the iron, Urea and the cost is low. In addition, the foliar spraying of 0.3% ferrous sulfate added 0.3% urea, the prevention of green effect than the single injection of 0.3% ferrous sulfate good.