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Application Of Zinc Sulfate In Medicine

Tianjin BRG Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

Zinc sulfate as the most important zinc salt, not only in the importance of medicine is indispensable, in the food is playing an important role. Recently, Japan intends to modify the "food, Zinc Sulfate additives and other specifications benchmark" part of the approval of food additives zinc sulfate for foamed wine, the relevant comments and zinc sulfate by the relevant industry attention.

Application of Zinc Sulfate

Not long ago, Japan intends to "food, additives and other specifications of the benchmark" to modify the main content of the proposed expansion of the use of zinc sulfate food additives, Zinc Sulfate allowing it as a supplementary yeast fermentation of nutrients in the use of foam, Provide essential nutrient zinc for yeast, the maximum allowable amount of 0.0010g / kg (in terms of zinc) ". According to the Japanese wine law (1953 Law No. 6) Article 3, No. 3, "foam alcohol", including beer, sparkling wine and other sparkling wine. Other sparkling wine is beer, sparkling wine, the degree of alcohol with a degree of alcohol less than 10 degrees of alcohol.

It can be seen from the relevant comments on the draft, Zinc Sulfate the amendment to expand the use of zinc sulfate in the foam of alcohol, then the role of zinc sulfate in the foam of what kind of role?

Beer, for example, in the brewing of beer, the use of yeast decomposition of sugar in barley, the formation of alcohol and carbon dioxide, and yeast fermentation process, Zinc Sulfate if the wort in the lack of zinc, yeast fermentation will become slow, Europe and the United States The area is the necessary nutrient source for the supplementation of yeast - zinc, which will use zinc sulfate. In the process of making beer to add zinc sulfate, the amount of zinc needed to supply yeast, without delaying yeast fermentation, can increase the good beer flavor. Zinc sulfate is not only used in foam-type wine, the application of medicine is also very wide.

Zinc sulfate is colorless and odorless crystalline powder, soluble in water, less absorption in the stomach, mainly absorbed by the duodenum and small intestine, the vast majority of blood and serum protein binding. Zinc in zinc is one of the essential trace elements in the human body. Zinc is involved in the synthesis and activation of various enzymes. It plays an important role in the synthesis of protein, cell growth, Zinc Sulfate division and differentiation, and human growth and development. Human zinc deficiency can cause a variety of diseases, such as lack of appetite, anemia, growth retardation, nutritional dwarf and intestinal acral dermatitis and so on. During pregnancy, especially in early pregnancy, due to the supply of fetal nutrition, pregnant women, in addition to pay attention to nutritional supplements, zinc is particularly important. Zinc sulfate can cause nausea, vomiting and other phenomena, usually used in medicine for vomiting and so on.