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Ammonium Sulfate Is Mainly Used As Fertilizer

Tianjin BRG Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 15, 2017

Ammonium sulfate is colorless crystalline or white particles. No smell. 280 ° C above decomposition. Solubility in water: 70.6 g at 0 ° C, 103.8 g at 100 ° C. Insoluble in ethanol and acetone. The pH of the 0.1 mol / L aqueous solution was 5.5. The relative density of 1.77. Refractive index of 1.521.

Ammonium sulfate is mainly used as fertilizer, suitable for a variety of soil and crops. An excellent nitrogen fertilizer, Ammonium Sulfate suitable for general soil and crops, can make the leaves grow strong, improve fruit quality and yield, enhance crop resistance to disasters, can be used for basal, top dressing and fertilizer. Can also be used for textile, leather, medicine and so on.

Ammonium sulfate production process

Saturated process ammonium sulfate production process

Bubble Saturation

The coke oven gas from the blower is charged to the gas preheater after passing through the gas trap. In the preheater, the indirect gas is used to heat the gas to a temperature of 60 to 70 ° C or higher in order to allow the gas to enter the bubbling saturator to evaporate the excess water in the saturator to maintain the water balance in the saturator. The preheated gas enters the saturator along the saturator central gas pipe and is bubbled through the bubbling umbrella from the acidic mother liquor while the ammonia in the gas is absorbed by the sulfuric acid. Gas out of the saturator into the acid removal device, to capture the entrained acid mist, was sent to the crude benzene section.

After the bubbling saturator gas ammonia is generally less than 0.03g / m3. The ammonia gas obtained from the ammonia in the Ammonium Sulfate condensate section is directly fed into the saturator when the pyridine is not produced. When the pyridine is produced, the ammonia gas is introduced into the pyridine neutralizer. Ammonia in the neutralizer and the mother liquor in the free acid and pyridine sulfate role in the formation of ammonium sulfate, and with the neutralizer back to the saturator back to the saturator. Saturated mother liquor in the ammonium sulfate production, ammonium sulfate content in the above its solubility, the precipitation of crystals, and precipitation in the bottom of the saturator. The bottom of the crystal is pumped to the crystallization tank, in the crystallization tank to grow and precipitate in the bottom of the crystal. Crystallization of the bottom of the crystallization of ammonium sulfate into the centrifuge centrifuge separation, filter out the mother liquor, and washed with hot water to reduce the surface of ammonium sulfate on the free acid and impurities. Centrifuge the separated mother liquor with the crystallization tank out of the mother liquor together with the self-flow back to the saturator. The ammonium sulfate crystals separated from the centrifuge were passed through a screw conveyor, fed Ammonium Sulfate into a boiling drier, dried with hot air and fed into an ammonia sulphate bucket and packed into a finished product bag.

China's ammonium sulfate exports increased year by year, but due to the lack of market pricing, valuable resources to sell a "cabbage price", enterprises in the international market competition suffered heavy losses; the current industry standards seriously lagging behind, has long been suited to the current environmental requirements, Resulting in a variety of inferior products flooding the market, seriously disrupting the normal order of the market, affecting the credibility of enterprises; product supply is relatively scattered, product export customs inspection procedures are not smooth ... ... the above problems to a certain extent hindered the development of the industry.

At the meeting, the Secretary-General said that the Chamber of Commerce was in close contact with the embassies of various countries in the context of the "one-way" national development strategy, leading enterprises to nurture and develop a broader emerging market. Enterprises only with the platform for resource integration, Baotuan heating, is to guide the industry self-discipline, regulate the healthy development of private ammonium sulfate industry, the inevitable choice.