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Ammonium Sulfate Can Make Leaves Grow Strong

Tianjin BRG Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 12, 2017

Ammonium sulfate, also known as ammonium sulfate, pure colorless orthorhombic crystals, industrial products are white to light yellow crystals; ammonium sulfate aqueous solution is acidic, insoluble in alcohol, acetone and ammonia; moisture absorption, moisture consolidation into a block; Heated to 513 ℃ above fully decomposed into ammonia, nitrogen, sulfur dioxide and water; Ammonium Sulfate with the role of alkali is released ammonia. Ammonium sulfate is mainly used as fertilizer, suitable for all kinds of soil and crops, can also be used for leather, medicine and so on.

Ammonium sulfate is an excellent nitrogen fertilizer, suitable for general soil and crops, can make leaves grow strong, improve fruit quality and yield, Ammonium Sulfate and enhance crop resistance to disasters, for some hi sulfur crops such as citrus, soybean, sugar cane, sweet potato, Peanuts and other significant synergistic effect, can be used for basal, top dressing and fertilizer. When used to avoid mixed with alkaline fertilizer to reduce fertilizer efficiency, not suitable for use in acidic soil, not on a long-term use of land. Industrial: ammonium sulfate can be used in the manufacture of compound fertilizer, potassium sulfate, ammonium chloride, ammonium persulfate, ammonium alum, hydrogen peroxide, etc., can also be used as flux, fabric waterproofing agent, medicine for salting-out agent, Ammonium Sulfate osmotic pressure regulator Etc., refined ammonium sulfate can also be used for the manufacture of beer.

Ammonium sulfate referred to as ammonium sulfate, commonly known as fertilizer powder. Ammonium products are generally white crystal, by-product or mixed with impurities with yellowish, gray and other variegated, pure colorless orthorhombic crystal, industrial products for the white to light yellow crystals. (20 ~ 21)%, the physical properties of stable, high decomposition temperature (≥ 280 ℃), easy to moisture, the critical moisture absorption point in the relative humidity of 81% (20 ℃), soluble in water, 0 ℃ up to 70 g / 100 grams of water, Ammonium Sulfate fertilizer quickly and steadily. Ammonium sulfate in addition to nitrogen, but also contains about 24% sulfur, is also an important sulfur fertilizer. In the long-term application of sulfur-free high concentration of water and fertilizer in the region, Ammonium Sulfate soil sulfur deficiency is increasingly common, which makes these areas as an important source of sulfur supplementation of soil sulfur. Ammonium sulfate also contains a small amount of free acid and other crop nutrients.

Ammonium sulfate is mainly agricultural fertilizer and chemical, dyeing, medicine, Ammonium Sulfate leather and other industrial raw materials. Granular ammonium sulfate is commonly used in the manufacture of compound fertilizers and can also be used directly as chemical fertilizers.